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Maina Kamanda Praises Uhuru For Stopping Politics as He Reveals How He Battled Covid-19

Marina Kamanda, a Jubilee Nominated Member of Parliament has today thanked President Uhuru Kenyatta for stopping the Building Bridges Initiative campaigns that had dominated the country amidst the Ravaging Coronavirus pandemic.Explaining his experience with battling Covid-19 disease when he spoke to Nairobi News on Sunday, the lawmaker admitted that indeed Covid-19 disease is real and they (political leaders) should be held accountable for ten rising Covid-19 cases and fatalities at the same time.

"Let me tell you the Bitter truth is that we may call President Uhuru Kenyatta all kinds of names for banning political gatherings such as BBI; But speaking from my experience, nobody should even utter a word to him. The man was advised from a scientific point of view," Kamanda Says.

The lawmaker who's an ardent supporter of the Building Bridges Initiative and a close friend of Hon Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta blamed the BBI Rallies and all other forms of political gatherings for his suffering after testing positive for the Covid-19 disease.

For example, Maina Kamanda has recalled that he contracted Covid-19 disease without knowing in March during the hotly contested Byelection where had accompanied Hon Raila to campaign for the ODM Party candidate.

But describing his survival of the Covid-19, Maina reported that it has been a traumatic moment and at some point thought that he would die anytime as a result of breathing complications. He has finished by telling his colleagues in the political arena that BBI and 2022 elections can be pushed further date but Lives cannot be recovered once lost.

“I contracted it (Covid-19) while on the campaign trail during the recent by-elections in Naivasha,” he confirmed.

“It was around the same time Baba (Raila Odinga) announced he had it. I was admitted to the hospital and it was not only me. Very many politicians have been unwell and on treatment but it appears some do not want to publicly talk about it. This thing is not a joke," Kamanda added.

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