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What Women In Their 40's Want In A Man-Opinion

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1) Mature Partner.

A lady who is over 40 years thinks on how one will concentrate on the well being of their children. The lady starts to concentrate on his work and it takes a mature man to understand the lady.

At this point the lady will stop concentrating on certain things like playing games and fights that are involved in a relationship.

If the man is matured he will also help the Lady achieve the dreams he wishes to have making it easier for the woman.

At this stage the lady wants to achieve everything he had wished to achieve some time back and that would be the reason as to why he would prefer a matured person.

2) Intelligent Man.

A woman wants a man who knows what he want and thinks about the future and not petty issues. A woman hate a man who only thinks about parties, games or even sexual relationships all the time.

If a lady does not get such a person she may opt to be single so that she can achieve the dreams she wants.

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