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Sad Development After It Emerges Mother to Kids Injected By His Hubby Has Been Admitted to Hospital

After a shocking news report yesterday, it has emerged that mother to Slain kids killed by their dad a medical doctor in cold blood is also hospitalized.

Reports from the media indicate that she is recoup rating at the Nakuru level 5 hospital after she collapsed minutes after receiving the sad news.

However, in another worrying twist police officers and Pathologists are yet to determine what killed the two kids after an inconclusive autopsy.

More details are expected when blood samples from kids are compared with those found at the scene.

It has been established that the two lovebirds were falling out on matters regarding the traveling of his wife.

Reports indicate that the lady also a nurse was to travel abroad to work and also live there.

This could be what triggered the shocking murders after she traveled to Nairobi to finalize her documents.

On the other hand, the rogue husband is in the intensive care unit of the same facility under tight security, currently unconscious.

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