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Songs Of The Legendary Pop Star Micheal Jackson That Are Unforgettable

Despite the fact that Michael Jackson has been dead for 12 years, has he been completely forgotten? No, I do not believe that Michael Jackson will be forgotten in the United States of America, given his indisputable contribution to music in this country.

In the years leading up to his death, Michael released a number of hit singles, which was one of the factors that catapulted him to the position of being dubbed the " King of Pop. "

Interestingly, some of his songs have retained their resonance in our brains despite the fact that they are older songs and the singer is no longer alive to perform them. These songs were composed for a variety of diverse purposes, which may explain why they are still relevant when performed on any given day.

This is precisely why I believe that everyone should always have these specific three Michael Jackson songs on their phones at their disposal. It is not only about the melody of these songs, but also about what they stand for and how they link to certain aspects of our lives as a whole. Let' s have a listen to these songs in the sequence they were released.

We are the world: There is no way you will forget this song if it is played in your vicinity at any point in time. You will almost always find yourself singing along to this song anytime it is played, which speaks volumes about why you should always have the music on your phone in your possession.

So, what exactly distinguishes this music as a standout among the rest? It was a charity song for Africa, written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie in 1985, and it was performed by Michael Jackson for the first time.

This song was also used to draw attention to the natural disaster that struck Haiti, which claimed the lives of many people and destroyed much property. This song serves as a reminder that we must band together as a community because we only have one world to ourselves, and there is no other.

Many other artists, including Ray Charles, Billy Joel, Diana Ross, Cyndi Lauper, Bruce Springsteen, Tina Turner, and many others, joined in on the recording, and it turned out to be a fantastic recording. As a result, a song that reminds you of what a lovely planet we live in and how we can all work together to secure and live in peace is something you should have on your phone.

Stunned for words: Every single one of us has, at some point in our lives, fallen madly in love with someone, and we have all expressed our feelings for that person in a different way. The fact of the matter is that love will continue to exist in this world and among us, particularly towards those who are of the opposite gender.

Speechless is a song that preaches about love from the heart, and its lovely composition will constantly have you falling in love all over again with the artist. This is why you should keep the song on your phone so that you can always start and refresh your feelings of love whenever you want. This song was composed and released by Michael in 2001, and it still feels as fresh as it did at the time of its creation.

Hold my hands: With over a hundred million views on YouTube over the previous ten years, it is likely that this song will continue to be the hit that it currently is. The song, which was written by Michael Jackson and performed by him and Akon, is about finding hope in that one person who is always willing to lend a helping hand when you are in need of assistance.

The music will always be appealing to your ears no matter how many times you listen to it, which is one of the reasons you should keep it on your phone to always remind yourself that there is hope out there in that one person you know or will never meet.

Content created and supplied by: KevinGatesKenya (via Opera News )

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