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Tragedy: A Feud Between Mammy and Papa Leads To The Untimely Death Of Their Eight-Year-Old Daughter

Police at Kilgoris Police Station have today welcomed new guest of the state as they finalize their investigation before arranging them in court.This is after a domestic brawl between the two couple from Majengo, Kilgoris lead to the lose of life of their 8-year-old daughter after she was hit on the head as the father missed his intended target that was the mother.

The two Esther Kaiseyi, 21 and Amos Maengwe, 30, got into an intense argument before the terrible ordeal shocked them both making them to rush there bleeding daughter to the hospital for medical attention this incident happened at 10pm.

Half their journey they were stopped by police officers on normal patrol but the swift act upon the officers realizing the state at which the poor child was in they rushed them to nearby Kilgoris sub-county hospital to help save the life of the minor that was visibly in a critical condition.

Their Arrival at the facility triggered the quick response by doctors that tried to attend to the girl but unfortunately she lost her life while undergoing treatment

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