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Did you know that red meat is one of the major cancer risk foods, here are some of the facts.

Well red meat is one of major common consumed food and we maybe shocked to hear the news, that red meat and processed meat are associated with a higher risk of various types of cancer.This is explained below:

Why these meats causes cancer especially colorectal cancer , is believed to be because red meats and processed meats contain mutagens and carcinogens. The mutagens change the genetic information by altering the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and carcinogens are agents that cause cancer.

When we cook meat at high temperature the amino acids in the meat form carcinogenic compounds when interact with heat.Those have been linked with cancer risk.

In dealing with processed meat it depends in the way the meat is preserved or cooked or specifically, the addition of nitrates and nitrites which are the preservatives that elevate cancer risk. Smoking meats can also create carcinogenic compounds that may cause cancer in the body.

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