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Ruto Chants Fill the Air after DP Ruto Granted Mukuru Kwa Ruben Woman Sh 200000 Meant for Daughter's Fees

A woman at Mukuru kwa Ruben had her day made today after Dp Ruto offered to pay her daughter's school fees. This is after the confident daughter approached Dp Ruto and informed him of her challenges.

The act by Dp Ruto won several residents' hearts who had gathered as Ruto chants filled the air.

Dp Ruto asked the girl (Leah) why she hadn't gone to school to which she told him that she had lacked school fees.

"Leah ananiambia kwamba alimaliza Shule akaitwa Nekiama Girls" Dp Ruto said before being informed that the mother of the girl was around. Dp Ruto summoned the mother who confirmed that indeed Leah had failed to go to highschool after lacking School Fees.

"Sasa huyu mrembo ataenda shule. Tutakupatia shillingi 200000" Dp Ruto said as he dished out the money. However he gave the money to Sakaja and informed the woman to go pick it from him. This touched the hearts of the residents who were around as they started chanting the name of Dp Ruto.


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