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Kieleweke MP Now Ready to Support Ruto, Says Jubilee Party Cannot be Revived

As the 2022 general election nears, the deputy president William Ruto seems to be one step ahead as he continues to enjoy huge support from Mt Kenya region. By-elections that have been conducted recently show that Ruto and UDA party command a bigger populace in Mt Kenya.

The second in command also enjoys support from a big number of elected parliamentarians some of whom have huge following. However, there is a section of other legislators from the region who support president Uhuru Kenyatta and his handshake partner, Raila Odinga. These legislators who call themselves as Kieleweke, are critics of Ruto.

Nevertheless, William Ruto has a reason to smile after one of the MPs who subscribes to the Kieleweke wing said that he is ready to support his presidential bid in 2022.

Speaking during a bursary issuance programme, Mukurweini member of parliament Anthony Kiai said that he has absolutely no problem with Ruto and he is ready to support him in 2022. Kiai added that he will follow the guidance of the electorate.

"You know you are my bosses and I do what you command me. If you say that we support the deputy president then I will have no objections. I will be the first one to campaign for him," alluded the MP.

The Mukurweini lawmaker said that Jubilee party has collapsed and it will be hard to revamp it again. He cited chest thumping and dictatorship as the vices that have led to the collapsing of the giant party.

However, Kiai said that he is not willing to join UDA party arguing that the people of Mt Kenya should have their own political party. According to the parliamentarian, a Mt Kenya party will enable the region bargain for it's position in the next government.

"What I'm requesting you is that we form our own vehicle that will look into our interests. Even when the hunters go to the forest, each one goes with their own dog. Let's not repeat the same mistake of joining one party and then we come back here crying after the next five years because of similar problems like those once we are currently facing in Jubilee," added the legislator.

Mukurweini MP, Anthony Githiaka Kiai.

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