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What You Need to Consider Before Choosing a House Design For Your Dream Home

"Where no plan is laid, where the disposal of time is surrendered merely to chance of incidence, chaos will soon reign" Victor Hugo said.This will be true to you if you don't plan for your dream home.You need to plan fulfill your plans

The following five steps will help you to choose a house plan that suits you or it can help your designer create a perfect custom house plan.

1. Start Simple

You need to sketch your ideas, brainstorm, make lists of the features for each room on paper. A rough sketch on paper can help your designer understand your needs.

2. Think About the Future

If you are building you can start simple and most likely a small house. But your design should cater for an upgrade if need will be there in the future. In the future you may need more space as the family enlarges.

3. Prioritize Features.

Record all the features in a rough copy and prioritize the basic ones in the house plan.

4. Consider Function and Flow

A good plan should be well arranged. Rooms and their functionality should tally. Where they a particular room will be placed should be in relation to another eg a dinning area should be adjacent to kitchen and living room.

5. Reflect on Light

Light is a key factor in relation to house plan arrangements. Livingrooms and dinning areas should be placed to the Eastward zones to utilize sunlight.

Looking carefully in the above points can help you create the home of your choice and dream as you work with your home designer.

Check out the designs below

Content created and supplied by: @nyambisa (via Opera News )

Think About the Future Victor Hugo


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