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Kenyans React After Prices Of Bread Goes Up, Here Are The new Prices

Kenyans have taken to the internet to react after realizing that the cost of bread has gone up. Bakers are reportedly passing on the increased cost of wheat to end consumers through increasing the prices of bread. The small sized 40g bread has increased in price by 5 shillings

It is now clear that those wishing to buy 400g bread will have to pay Ksh. 55 instead of the ksh. 50 that they have been paying previously. What next for Kenyans, loss of jobs, lockdown and still the prices of fuel and basic commodities like bread goes up.

Here are some of the reactions from the netizens:-

"In the near future tutakuwa kama Tanzania." Jose Blackhawk

" Only in Kenya." Steve Kem

"Man shall not leave on bread alone." Kasuki Muema

What is your take on this rise on bread prices? Where is the country headed to and who is to blame?

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