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Bad News For Uhuru Over BBI Debate, As Lawyer Reveals Expected Result Of An Appeal

The ongoing debate on the Constitutional amendment process has taken a nasty turn after one of President Uhuru's legal advisors admitted to the worst for Uhuru.

The BBI report has been thrown out court, after the judges of the High court ruled that the BBI and it's committee unconstitutional adding that nothing legitimate can be born out of it. A constitutional amendment process has been ruled out by the court, and the current administration striped off it's power to appeal for an amendment.

The court ruling left the BBI team with ashes on their face after a year power show-off and boasting. Uhuru's intention to appeal the courts decision has emerged, as one of his legal advisors doubting the possibility of their mission.

The lawyer who spoke anonymously to a local daily, acknowledged the judgement of the High Court Judges as he revealed the impposibity to have all the decisions of the high court overturned.

Means that the BBI report will crash, if the court of appeal decide to upholds even one judgment on the 8 petitions made by the High court.

Kindly share your opinions with in regards to the BBI report.

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