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Just In: Famous Kenyan TikToker Dies In A Tragic Accident

Sometimes when accident occurs, there very fatal.They can led to serious injuries. Whereby the affected victims tend to suffer from trauma or even get a permanent disability.Where others lose their lives.

Now, a famous Kenyan TikTok creator died on a tragic accident together with his daughter and her sister.According to various reports it is stated that,Baba Mona was involved in a grisly accident at Londian.

Whereby the accident claimed his life,her daughter life and also her two sisters.

Baba Mona was celebrated TikToker. who was good in content creation. And also love her daughter who,they created content together at TikTok.

Various Kenyans have been left in sad moments.Since Baba Mona was loved his fans very much.

A photo of the Car that claimed Baba Mona.

May his sole rest in peace together with that of her daughter and her sisters.

Baba Mona and Her daughter Mona. Photo/Courtesy.

So it's good to always take care when driving so as to avoid such situations happening in our roads.

Also the government should initiate,rules that would help to minimize roads accidents in Kenya.

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