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University students,"we want physical learning"

Has the next semester in our universities resume next month. Most of the universities have sent resuming memos to their students.The institutions expect their students to enroll for the online learning.This is a bad news to the students in remote area,who can not access internet connection.

Most of students are against this kind move since it is bringing much disadvantages in their study life.The student wish the government to consider the cost of online learning and allow physical studies.This pandemic has denied many students good time they used to spend and enjoy in school.The pandemic has limited interaction among students,which makes them build confidence.Before the pandemic,life in universities was so enjoyable.There was good interaction among students, which was making them develop some communication skills.During the weekends students used to go for parties and hiking's which made them explore many things.The campus relationships were brought to the knee by the pandemic.This disease robbed everything from the students.It is our humble request to the government to allow face to face learning for the betterment of our careers.We want physical learning,we miss our normal ways of living in school.Mean while follow this account for more interesting updated and leave your comment on this.

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