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Divisions Rock Ruto's Party As Top UDA Mt Kenya Leaders Publicly Oppose The President's Directive

President William Ruto is staring at a new crisis after a section of politicians within the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) have publicly come out to oppose the proposed 3 per cent housing levy.

Apart from the housing levy which the Head of State has publicly denied that it is not tax, a section of Mount Kenya leaders have also called for the reintroduction of “one man one shilling" as advocated for by the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

The rift in Kenya Kwanza administration conspicuously played out in public between West Pokot between Deputy Governor Robert Komolle and Senator Julius Murgor who read from different scripts concerning the housing fund.

Hon Komolle in his speech called on President William Ruto to immediately suspend the propose 3 per cent housing levy and bring it around next year when the economy has stabilized. According to him, teachers and workers in the county government are not ready to make the contribution of 3 per cent.

Taking to the podium, seemingly angry Murgor made it clear that the Finance Bill 2023 which contains the proposed housing fund will pass without any alterations. According to him, the Head of State has stated that there are only two ways, Kenyans must pay taxes so as to sustain themselves or the government borrows loans and the country sinks.

The split was also displayed by politicians from Central Kenya where the president enjoys wide support.

Nyeri Town Member of Parliament, Duncan Mathenge is also on the record opposing the proposal that the housing fund be imposed on all workers. According to him the housing fund should be voluntary and not forced on all Kenyans.

Experts lead by Dr Brian Mutie who is a governance and legal expert said that due to the mixed reactions from Kenyans, the president would benefit from wider consultations in order to make the housing fund agreeable.

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