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Susan Kihika Stands Tall in Ruto's Absence as She Locks Horns With Junet at a Nakuru Funeral

Nakuru senator Susan Kihika was among the few allies of Deputy president William Ruto present at a Nakuru funeral largely attended by ODM party allied legislators including the party leader Raila Odinga today, Tuesday 21st September.

Despite their dismal presence, Senator Kihika did not shy off in defending DP Ruto after Raila Odinga's close ally, Suna East MP Junet Mohammed, chose to critise DP Ruto's bottom-up economy when he was given the chance to eulogise the late Mzee.

In his eulogy to the family, Junet claimed that that the late was not a thief but a hard working businessman who made his wealth through the right procedure.

"Poleni sana kwa kupoteza Mzee ambaye ameguza bishara hapa nchini. Mimi sijaskia ikisemwa hapa kuwa Mzee aliiba kuku ili atajirike," Junet said which losely traslates to;

"Am very sorry for the loss of the old man who had experience in many businesses in the country. I have not had that he stole from someone to get rich."

The vocal ODM legislator went on to critised DP Ruto over his chicken business. He said that even him is one of the silent businessmen who rears the African chicken for a business but don't brag.

Junet went ahead to say that as ODM, they want to engage Kenyans in more constructive issues and not just the mere wheelbarrows distributed by some politicians in the country, sparking uproar from the mourners.

"You know one has to say how he feels. That's when we can move Kenya forward, we have to talk important things," Junet cooled the crowd before concluding his speech.<>

Taking to the podium, senator Susan Kihika told Junet that even the broilers he is criticising are chicken that brings money.

"Wewe Junet, ata broiler ni Kuku, bora kuku," she said which losely traslates to;

"Even broilers is chicken."

Kihika went ahead to tell Hon Junet that the wheelbarrow is just a simple a simple like the Orange in their ODM party, as the crowd disagreement with her direct confrontation.

"Unasema tunapeana wheelbarrows, wewe unapeana chungwa? Wheelbarrow ni alama kama ile chungwa yenu - You said that we give wheelbarrows, do you also distribute oranges. Wheelbarrow is a symbol like your oranges," Kihika said as the crowd waved in disapproval, making her to change topic.<>

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