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"Arap Sang Don't Go Their" Raila Odinga Warns Sang On Issue Of Mau Eviction That It Was Not His Plan

Former prime minister Raila Odinga refuted claims that the BBI bill did not follow the correct procedure and revealed that they did the public participation in Mombasa, Narok, Kisumu and Nairobi but they failed to go to Nakuru county due ovid-19. He declared that if elected he will make sure that all the farmers enjoy his leadership simply because farmers need to subsidize fertilizers and also good seeds that will yield in all conditions. He declared that the government has failed to provide for the farmers in Kenya and that is why most of the people are suffering from hunger yet we have all resources to stop such incidents in the country. Furthermore, he declared that sugarcane companies such as Mumias, Chemilil, Mohoroni and Soni should be improved and installed with good equipment to prevent them from collapsing. He promised that if elected he will ensure that he will focus on one company to work effectively so that they stop this issue of importing sugar from Uganda. He declared that most of the people politicize the issue of Mau eviction and he had nothing to do simply because he was following the right procedure as the prime minister. He claimed that the government had already sent a committee to access the situation and they brought the bill to the national assembly before he was instructed to flash people out of the Mau forest .

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