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Rigathi Gathagua's Message To Mt Kenya Region Why They Don't Want The Deputy President Position

Mathira Member of Parliament and a staunch ally of Deputy President William Ruto has today revealed that the central Kenya region is not after the deputy president position but rather a political leader who will deliver the region from the ailing economy.

Speaking today in an interview with TV47 Gachagua said that, despite the community having a president, they have suffered as a community and hence that is why they want to switch minds in electing a good leader who can lift their wanting economy and boost their livelihood. "Mt Kenya region is not looking for the deputy president's position in 2022 because we are currently having the presidency and we are suffering, " Gachagua said.

Gachagua also added, "I am not a stupid person, I cannot commit political suicide. If I know Ruto is not wanted you will not see me with him because at the end of it all politics is local."

Gachagua has been in the forefront popularizing Dp Ruto in the Mt Kenya region and accompanying him across the country in seeking favour from the citizens for the 2022 presidential race.

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