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4 Tricks Kenyan Tenants Use To Escape Landlords and Their Wrath

Life sometimes become economically unbearable. This is especially in Kenyan major towns where paying rent is always the first priorities when money comes. At times life becomes so difficult that some people cannot afford rent, let's consider this Covid-19 period. Many in return prefer certain tricks to escape landlords and to also avoid being locked out of the house. Here are some of the tricks.

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1.Waking Very Early and Coming Back Very Late

This happens when the tenant lives in the same plot with the landlord. They never want to meet the landlord in person because at times they even run out of excuses. So, the best option is to wake up very early and leave before the landlord wakes up. In the evening, these tenants would stroll around until they are sure the landlord is asleep, so they can get back to their houses. The problem with this trick is that the tenant may come back only to find their houses locked.

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2.Being the Landlord's Closest Buddy

Most tenants don't befriend landlords because they see the need of that friendship but rather because they need some grace rent period. These kind of tenants will always invite landlords for a cup of tea, create stories to share with the landlord (In these stories, the landlord is always right and funny).

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3.Being the Landlord's reporter

If you know of a tenant who is always reporting rental incidences to the landlord, then you should also know they owe the landlord alit of money. They report these cases to appear as responsible tenants whom the landlord wouldn't want to lose. It reaches a point when the landlord even makes them agents. I used to have this kind of a neighbour in Babadogo area, until when I was leaving and needed to clear with the landlord. I came across his 7 month arrears in the Landlord's counter book, I was shocked.

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4.Deals and Promises

Landlords love listening to promise like "Nipe siku tatu" from the tenants. Tenants with rent arrears are always waiting for deals to ripen. When cornered, they'll pay partial rent then unleash a new promise. Sometimes landlords, especially old ones even get tired of them.

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If you've been a victim of rental problems then I'm sure you at some point used one of the mentioned tricks. Share your thoughts.

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