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'Lazima Tulipe Ndio Tupewe' Kiambu Men Protest Over Denial Of Conjugal Rights By Their Wives

Conjugal rights is one of the things that everybody needs in a relationship and as a matter of fact, some relationships won't stand without this right. Apparently, things are so tough for men and women in Kiambu county. As reported by 'The Standard' it has been said that women neglected their responsibilities as wives with claims that their husbands decided to concentrate in alcohol and drugs. This has actually led to conflicts between couples with many saying that their partners even cheat with other girls while in the drinking spree and they can't agree anymore. The wives said that some husbands even pay for such services then come home broke. They said that if the trend is paying ladies, they too need to be paid. Men have decided to come out and reveal their side of story. Some said that one lady is not enough and that is why they cheat. One of the men said that their women need money and if you don't pay them they'll not offer conjugal rights. The men said that this has led to breakups in marriages since they can't keep on paying wives who they married. The men protested saying that now it has become a rule in the family. No pay no conjugal rights.

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