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Why You Should Take Caution Before Buying ATM milk.

Milk vending machines popularly known as 'Milk ATMs' are rapidly growing in popularity in Kenya and all over the world.It is an emerging market innovation retailing through vending machines which are placed in strategic market locations and sell pasteurized milk.Although the spread of milk ATMs has provided business opportunities to entrepreneurs which indicate for growing the formal market segment,there some implications that may be hazard to a consumer.

Milk vending machines are not routinely screened for antibiotics thereby increasing potential for antibiotics use.Many of us get to see the ATM milk affordable for one can buy from as low as Kshs.20 but we never think the limpacations.Studies have pointed out some safety concerns we should check on.This includes unsafe aflatoxin content, unacceptable somatic cell count, prevalence of antibiotic residue and high bacterial load.Regulations require that milk ATMs be pasteurized but some of our local vendors tend to go against and sell raw milk.This is a health hazard to us as the consumers who buy ready to drink.

What are your perceptions of milk sold in ATMs compared with other retail options?

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