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The Truth About Photo Circulating Around Showing DP William Ruto With Pistol And Bible In A Church.

DP William Ruto is a man who loves attending church services and every weekend you'll see him posting while listening to preaching in different churches. Apparently, Ruto was in one church in Nairobi county and the camera man took one photo of him while he was praying. The photo has been trending in different social media pages and Kenyans went on mocking Ruto badly. In the photo, Ruto was holding a Bible on one hand and the pistol had been placed next to where he was kneeling. The photo was posted on different Facebook groups and many people wondered why he would really carry a pistol while in church. Now the truth of the matter is that the photo was edited and that pistol had been photoshopped. The exact photo has been posted on Ruto's real Facebook page and there was no pistol. Chances are someone edited the photo and placed the pistol just to tarnish Ruto's name.

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