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Normal Programmes at Kisii University Interrupted After 2.1 Students Conducted a Strike Today

As the new semester has started here at Kisii University which students cannot learn without clearing the fee that is scheduled to be paid by every student in the institution, those newly reported 2.1 students who were on long holiday today were demonstrating against the fee increment that might hinder their education journey.

Some of the students find it hard to carter for the fee that is placed by the institution that make their lives more miserable at Campus hence therefore can't accept the fact that the fee which they find difficulties to raise is increase by more than ten thousand.

Today, 12th October 2021, students were running up and down the institution that interrupted the normal programmes in the institution. Having reported back to the session and registered units which is the process that cannot be done without clearing the school fees that is placed by the institution, having increased the amount of money that a student should pay to carter as fees will therefore become a big blow to many as this will lead to drop-out of school due to lack of fees.

To prevent comrades from destroying properties and interrupt with almost all programmes in the institution, police from different departments were allowed to intervene and chase all students that were demonstrating so as to ensure that the environment remains conducive. All students ran away to avoid being beaten up by angry police who were armed by tear gases, strong strokes and guns.

It's not vivid whether the 2.1 students' grievances have been answered as this act will interrupt all the programmes of the institution if not responded to as early as possible.

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