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Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja Spills the Beans On Why He Embraced Raila's Azimio Leaders

The governor of Nairobi County, Mr. Johnson Sakaja hushed up his critics by opening up on what made him knock on the Orange doors of Raila and Azimio. Sakaja found himself in a hot pan when he saw the wisdom in scouting for abled men and women leaders from the Azimio camp.

In an exclusive interview with Inoro TV, he (Gov. Sakaja) explained that he sought the Solomonic wisdom of President Ruto before making the inevitable trip to Baba (R. H. Raila Odinga). Was the interview more than enough to calm down the nerves of UDA MCAs who have been breathing down his neck? Maybe...

Johnson Sakaja made history by being the first "top gun" of Nairobi City while playing for the county's minority side. Given that the current Nairobi women's Rep (Esther Passaris) and the sitting Senator (Edwin Sifuna Watenya) all ail from Raila's "family", governor Sakaja had his hands tied to his back.

Sakaja: For Nairobi to move from a market City to Mecca, I did what was necessary.

Quote for the day, "you never will be the person you can be if pressure, tension, and discipline are taken out of your life." – James G. Bilkey. Good morning.

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