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7 Signs The Man You Are Dating is Married.

Sometimes it's good to avoid some things from getting worse. Some men will not reveal to you that they are married with the fear of leaving him. But if you are too suspicious,consider the following things;

1. He has a ring on the left hand

When you see a ring on his left hand, do not assume it's a fashion because he may shock you in future when you didn't expect. Proceed to find out how his life is by asking his friends or those close to him. A ring is always a simple of marriage and if he suggest that he separated with his wife, then he should not have the ring.

2. Fails to respond to you calls at certain time.

Communication in a relationship is a fundamental think which should be done at any time. When you call and he does not pick it at regular times then be suspicious that he might have a wife. Try to reach him at night on phone by texting him. If he does not reply your text instead he replies it in the morning, then he was busy with his wife.

3. He excludes you on social media

In this developing world we have several social media such as Facebook and Instagram. It's on this media that one is able to express his or her love to someone. If you have stayed with him for sometime, and he does post you on this media, then just know he is hiding something from being know. It's time to wake up and talk to him.

4. Does not want you know his family and friends

He is too becomes too harsh and angry when you talk about knowing his parents and siblings. All this time you have been dating but you don't know even his single friend. When this is happening to you then, he has no plans to keep you for long.

5. Keeps his house unknown to you

He wants always to spend time with him away from where he stays. He has never invited you in his house in fact when you talk about it he always makes excuses just to avoid you from reaching his house. In this case look for a serious guy this one is already married.

6. Avoids you when attending events

Men like it when they attend a birthday party or wedding together with their partners. He will feel proud to walk with her a long and even introduce her to his friends. But when you notice that he likes attending this parties alone or he does not call you to accompany him, he is avoid someone from seeing him with you.

7. Never takes you to some places

When a man loves you he will always have that time to hang with you around. He will take you to any place just to ensure you enjoy that romance with him. A guy who is selecting places to take you and always avoids certain places, then he should be questionable. He takes you to those regions that have few people and he will not allow you to suggest a place, then such a man is in marriage.

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