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8 Happy Family Rules That Never Work

Never lie to your partner

There are those who give advise about not lying to your partner but they don't follow this rule themselves. The truth is that everyone lies. But keeping silent and leaving things unsaid also counts as lying. Imagine how much irritation you could both avoid if you don't bring up all the little details at those moments when it won't actually help to do so.

Be a weak woman for your strong man

The need to occasionally behave like a "weak woman" for your man can unintentionally turn into an excessive degree of infantile behavior. This is what you should remember, you married your partner as an equal. Don't turn into a capricious child, just be yourself.

Never use sex as a way to make up

Partners might sulk for a long time over a trifling matter, but you can "make up" in a way you enjoy. The reasons for conflicts in relationships can appear out of thin air - and this is a good way to let such petty squabbles go. Don't pretend that it can't work.

Spend your free time together

You are advised to take a break from each other if you want to. Despite the fact that spending time together is important, you should only do so when you actually want to. Quality is more important here than quantity.

Find an activity you can do together

Forcing your partner to share your interests is the worst thing to do in a relationship. If he doesn't like going to the theatre or to exhibitions and you have absolutely no interest whatsoever in sport, then both of you should do your own thing separately. That way, both of you will be full of positive emotion, and that will seriously improve the atmosphere at home.

Avoid arguing over little things

No need to solve all your grievances and complaints in silence because doing so for many it can pass limits and one day you will have to expose everything unexpectedly, and then you'll have a serious conflict. Consider speaking about the thing that you're not happy about straightaway. Be honest, and you'll soon learn that many seemingly "forbidden" subjects can be brought to light without arguments and be solved peacefully.

Turn your life together into a party

Supporting each other is mandatory in a relationship or family, the most important thing is to feel positive emotions. If you genuinely get a whole lot of pleasure simply out of lounging around on the couch together at the end of a tough week, then no one has the right to condemn you.

Children come first

Parents should always be there for their children when they need them and care for and protect them with all their efforts. But, you shouldn't forget about yourself and your partner when you have kids. Set aside one evening a week, or at the very least once a month, just for each other.

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