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Little Known Facts That Can save Your Life One Day

Encountering an aggressive bear

The best thing to do is to avoid the bear in the wild; bit if you encounter it you should know the weakest skill of this animal is its maneuverability. They run fast and crawl really well, but moving quickly around objects like a tree is harder for them, doing so will make the animal give up trying to attack you. Don’t panic before the bear starts to act aggressively, stand still if it’s just looking at you. There’s a chance that it won’t understand who you are or what you are going to do. If it starts walking towards you, slowly move backwards, bears rarely attack humans, mostly it will back off once it realizes you are a human.

Rip current

In a situation where you accidentally find yourself in a rip current, don’t swim against it to the shore because you will just waste your energy. Try swimming parallel to the shore until you exit the current and only then swim toward the shore.

 A simple maneuver that will bring back to consciousness

When someone life is at stake and you want to bring him/her back to consciousness, you put them on the back and push their knees to their chest. This will make the blood flow to their blain and the person will wake up. But you have to make sure the person doesn’t have any leg or body injuries, otherwise the situation may get worse.

Saving a drowning person

If you were able to rescue a drowned person, it doesn’t mean that they’re safe, you need to take them to the hospital immediately, otherwise they could die within several days if there is some leftover water in their lungs.

 How to break a car glass in case of an accident

In a situation where you can only get out of tour car through the window and the door is impossible to open, note that it’s very easy to break the window by hitting it, not on the center but on the edges. If you can remove the headrest from the seat, you can use it to break the window. 

Water on the beach is too far from the shoreline

If you notice the waterline is abnormally far from the shore, this is a sign of tsunami and everyone around needs to be warned so that they can run.

Take note of these 3 rules

If you ever find yourself in a critical situation remember these 3 things that can be used to describe the survival abilities of a normal person. 

You can only survive 3 minutes without air, 3 hours in extreme temperature, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food.


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