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What Kenyans Has Gifted Yesu Wa Tongaren After He Asked Journalist To Buy For Him A Phone

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Bungoma has been in the news ever since the Shakahola cult made headlines. This is due to Yesu wa Tongaren, a self-styled Jesus who lives in the county.

The well-known Jesus is a free man despite being a guest of the state following an arrest because the charges against him were dropped. The Bungoma Jesus, on the other hand, seems to be happier right now. This comes after a Kenyan heard his request for a gas burner and responded.

A gas cylinder is claimed to have been given to the Bungoma Jesus by an unnamed well-wisher, according to a reputable source. This comes after Yesu wa Tongaren requested assistance from Kenyans to buy a gas cylinder and a phone.

Yesu wa Tongaren is not Kenya's first self-styled Jesus. Even though he had nothing to do with the repulsive Shakahola episode, it seems to have increased his popularity.

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