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Kenyans Breaths Fire After International Media Calls Raila “Mkongwe”

A section of Raila Odinga's supporters are not happy after a well-established international media refered to him as ‘Mkongwe’. The term which can be literally translated to as ‘old’ has not been well received by Kenyans.

Raila Odinga earlier today with Azimio leaders. Photo/Courtesy

British Broadcasting Company (BBC) Swahili used the term on its social media platforms in an article about today's directive on planned mass action from the Azimio leader. Mr Raila, who has vied for presidency five times, but has failed to clinch the top seat announced earlier today that on 20th, he will lead Azimio supporters to demonstrate against President Ruto's administration.

“Kenya: Kiongozi mkongwe wa upinzani Raila Odinga atangaza kuanzishwa rasmi kwa shughuli za migomo na maandamano kote nchini (Kenya: Veteran opposition leader Raila Odinga announces the official initiation of strikes and protests across the country),” eead the headline.

According to the reactions from some Kenyans, majority felt that the term ‘mkongwe’ was so demeaning to Raila and they did not hesitate to give their reactions. Here are some of the reactions on a screenshot.

According to Raila, President Ruto did not win last year's August general elections fairly thus terming the Kenya Kwanza regime as an illegitimate government.

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