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Three Orphans Plead For Help In Mwingi

How would it feel growing up without both parents at only 14 years of age and taking up the family responsibilities? This is the case facing Fridah, the eldest sibling in a family of three sisters who lost their parents in 2017.

In a recent interview with plug Tv , speaking on behalf of the other sisters, Fridah , the eldest of the girls,has stated that they are facing challenges since the demise of their parents. The girls who live in a rental house that they were given by a well-wisher claim they struggle to acquire basic necessities like food , clothing and School fees. The house has no furniture leave alone the bed and has only a few utensils.

“ Tumekuwa tukipitia changamoto kama vile School fees,chakula na ata mavazi na vitu zingine muhimu SIsi ni wasichana na Kuna vitu zingine tunahitaji…..nilikuwa naomba kama Kuna mtu anaeza jitokeza mahali atusaidie na aone kilio chetu Mungu atambariki,

Fridah stated.


She continued to add that sometimes they have been sleeping on empty stomachs even on the eve of exams . Fridah who is in Class 8 will be sitting for her KCPE exams this year but has to still take care of her siblings.

Police officers from Mwingi have also helped the girls joining hands with the community in a bid to provide them with food and other necessities. Speaking to Plug TV one officer has requested the clergy to also come in handy in helping the girls claiming it is also the role of the church to help the needy especially where the girls go to worship.


,” Ile kanisa wanaenda,Ni jukumu la kanisa. Kt is very clear in the bible pia offering inatolewa ni ya oprhans ,the priests,the aliens na the widow so hio kanisa kama ningejua the pastor ningeongea na yeye wasaidike.”


He also claimed that they are looking for a way in which the girls can be registered under the government’s program for orphans as they look for an NGO that will see the girls study and grow in a conducive environment.


While teachers have been pivotal in helping the girls and the police in conjunction with the community joining hands, this could be a short term solution. Fridah has pleaded with well wishers to hear their cry and help them.


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