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Daughter to Nakuru Doctor Behaved Strangely on The Fateful Day's Morning

A memorial mass for the late Nakuru Doctor and his two kids was held today at Holy Trinity Milimani Catholic Church in Nakuru town.

While paying tribute to her family, Winnie Odhiambo, mother to the two slain kids said that on the fateful day, her daughter Karuana woke up at 5:45 am which is quite strange.

She had requested her nanny to spend more time with her in bed. Afterwards, she called her stating that she was feeling deeply sad and afraid.

Winnie now wonders whether her daughter was having a premonition.

Winnie further revealed that her 7 years marriage was love filled and she never expected something like this to happen. She openly narrated her love story, stating that she met the doctor while she was an intern clinical officer.

Their marriage was blessed with three kids.

The nanny also paid tribute to the kids, stating that she loved them so much and hasn't been able to come into terms with their deaths. Every day, she wakes up thinking she has to prepare them for school.

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