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"Do you have a girlfriend" Shakila tries to shoot her shot at a Nigerian artist Ace Berg

Shakila an Instagram model is popular for her antics and her socialite behavior. She is a 19 year old girl trying her way into the limelight by any means possible. Shakila first gained recognition when she went live during xtian Dela's club covid. Then socialite went live on Instagram with a popular artist by the name Tory Lanez and twerked naked and even went ahead to insert a remote in her vijay.

Ace Berg is a Nigerian artist known to be a musician. The Nigerian Artist went live yesterday and without failure, Shakila the instagram babe went ahead to join in. She tried to shoot her shot by asking the gentleman if he is seeing someone. Ace Berg replied and declaired himself single. Shakila also said she is single and wouldn't mind staying with him in her two bedroom apartment.

Kenyans on the comment section were all over with their comments and criticism. One guy actually commented and asked Shakila to go ahead and "nyonga na remote". The guy was even surprised at the offer.

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