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What Dr. Gakara's Family Spotted On His Body Immediately After Postmortem Was Done

The family of the good doctor who killed his two children before committing suicide will have to wait for more days to receive detailed information on the postmortem. This comes after the pathologist said that Dr. Gakara died after consuming suspected medicinal substance. However, he took more samples so to provide the family with detailed analysis report.

However, what the family together and friends discovered on his body is what left them in total confusion. Speaking to the media, they said this;

"The postmortem gave inconclusive results. We observed that he was under treatment. His body had pricks which we couldn't establish if they were made by doctors or himself," Dr. Ngulungu told the media.

As this happens, the family might have to wait for unpredictable period of time so that results are brought from the collected samples. They were taken for further analysis after the doctor could not find the exact the medical substance he had used.

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