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Changes by the president in the Judiciary

Today, the incumbent president Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, has made a last minute change in the judiciary body. According to a post shared by on Twitter, president Uhuru Mungai Kenyatta has conferred eight prominent lawyers with the rank of senior council. A top recognition in the legal profession.

The lawyers, who were to start enjoying the privileges of holding the ranks includes, the former law society of Kenya president Allen Gichuhi, Karori Kamau, McCourt Dermot, Lilian Mwaura, Mbuthi Gathenji, Kibeyt Jinaro, Erick Kyalo and Charles Kanjama.

According to the president, the list as it has been forwarded by the chief justice earlier, is made up of qualified lawyers, who have worked as advocates in the high court and have not been found in misconduct.missing from the list was lawyer John Khamemwa  who has vast experience in the field, despite concerns by his colleagues after he missed out on other conferments.

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