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Why do cargo trucks float their Tag axles?

Maybe at some point you have seen oil tankers,cargo trucks,cement mixers, or dump truck moving around with floating tires.Those are known as lifting axles.They are devices fixed on multi axle trucks that can run with it either when raised or lowered.The axle can switched freely using a load sensing device valve switch by the driver which is located on the trucks dashboard.

How does it work?

The lift axle function is to raise and lower the axle with the compressed air used by the truck.Air will automatically be filled up in the air suspension thus lifting or lowering the wheels.

What are it's benefits?


Every axle has a maximum load it can carry, so what happens if you exceed the weight?.The driver will run the risk of blowing tires or damaging the axle itself or the suspension.When the truck heavily loaded, lowering the axle will ensure there is even load distribution across the tires.

2)Fuel consumption

When the tires are raised there is less fuel consumption as the wheels will be idle and not in contact with the road surface.

3)Increases grip

If the truck is stuck somewhere or the roads are slippery.These axles can be lowered down to get extra traction on the road.Those axles also have a set of brakes that can help stop the truck if it's moving to fast.Thus reducing the braking distance on these trucks.

3) Reduces weighing bridge charges

Lastly, many roads have have legal weight limits for trucks.Which is measured per axle.lifting the axle while going through a weighing bridge can reduce the tax one pays for using the road.To conclude, when such limits are exceeded there has to be specific documentation and authorization and depending on the cargo transported, it has to be escorted to prevent incidents or unwanted accidents from happening.Thank you.

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