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The Negative Effects of Living with Landlords or Their Relatives In The Same Plot/Apartment

A huge population of people still live in rentals whether it is an apartment or low lying houses since they are a more affordable form of living both in Kenya and other places, however living with the owners or some of their relatives within the same building can be a serious challenge although not all of the landlords are harsh, some of them are very good and polite, many of the people with the experience can testify. the following are some of the negative experiences you encounter in such situations.

1. Most of them always require their tenants to treat them special.

This comes mostly if you are sharing some of the things in the plot like hanging lines, toilets, parking lots, bathrooms, dustbins e.t.c they usually give conditions to tenants not to hang their clothes on specific days or even set their own hanging line which they don't expect anybody to share with them, they literally become angry or they approach you arrogantly when you do so. this applies to any other thing in the plot.

Image courtesy of Ashish Choudhary pixabay

2. Most of them are so competitive and jealous of tenants.

When living with them as neighbors please do not update anything beautiful, unique, or expensive than what they have or they don't have in their houses otherwise you will be one of their biggest enemies. They may even start mistreating you or your family in different ways as they know that is their place and there is nothing you can do, if you cannot cope with the situation you can vacate if you want.

Photo courtesy of Polina Zimmerman 

3. Try not to live a 'lavish' lifestyle on their property.

When they see you are living a more 'lavish' life they become so keen and watch you closely, what you and your family dress, what you cook [sometimes they even smell delicious meals on your door step] and even when you possess something like a car or any vehicle, thereafter they change their attitude towards you in pretense, they can even harass you when you don't pay their rent on time, just don't be caught in a financial situation you may suffer their embarrassment even publicly.

4. Setting too many unreasonable rules.

They become too hard on people as they always want to remind you that is their property and you don't have a say, things like when latest to arrive in the plot and what not to do, some even restrict or become mad if you are a person with 'many' visitors, as you are bothering their privacy according to them.

Image courtesy of Mohamed Hassan

5. It's so hard to correct anything in the plot when they are around.

Sometimes there are some things that need replacement or some issues like water and electricity in the plot that may be so difficult to address since they are around, tenants find it difficult to address as when you want to discuss with each other they accuse you of being incitive even though they are not bothered to rectify in time or they might even ignore the whole situation.

All these apply to most landlords but not all, am sure that some of these situations many of you av experienced, it is my prayer that everybody succeed in life to be landowners and also to exist peacefully with their landlords in various places, feel free to comment down below your opinion on this and share.

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