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"Pesa Huisha" See What made a Man who was Once a Millionaire now only selling Mask in Thika

There is a saying that money is like a flower which only blossoms during the day but its beauty fades in the evening. There are many people who were once at the top, owning multi-million worth projects are now living in poverty due to several reasons including mismanagement of such resources.

Man identified as Robert Muthee who was living a lavish life owning project worth millions is currently selling masks in Thika town. Robert was a photographer before things fall apart and would make around ksh 1 million per month.

According to a story covered by Tuko on Facebook, Robert's life changed after he took Ksh 200,000 shylock loan plunging him into Ksh 4 million debt. He is currently warning people that "Salimia watu pesa huisha."

He said that he is nolonger afraid about people gossiping behind him about how wealthy he was before things went south.

Many Netizens reacted to the post by Tuko news with alot of mixed reactions. Here are some of their comments.

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