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"This Way, We Will Get Our University Out Of Financial ICU, " Moi University's Plan To Get Ksh 80 B

Moi university is amongst the first universities to be established in Kenya.The university currently accomodates thousands of students during the learning sessions.Therefore, the financial requirements to run the university are high.The exchequer funding from the government has not been satisfying the financials needs of the university.

The university has therefore turned to apple farming to supplement the exchequer funding.The university says that their apple farming will also provide part of a solution to the apple needs of the country.

The Moi university council chair Prof Humphrey Kimani Njuguna said that they will engage in apple farming on 1, 000 acres of land.The university estimates that they will earn about ksh 79 million per acre in four years time on maturity.The amount translates to about Ksh 80 billion from apple farming.

The university plans to set up a factory and conduct adequate research on Wambugu apple varieties among others using the university's School of Agriculture.All activities involved in the investment program are estimated to cost about Ksh 40 billion.

"This way, we will get our university out of financial ICU," sad Kimani.

The university Education and Research PS Simon Nabukwesi says that the financial funding is static despite the increasing number of students in the courtesy- Research PS Simon Nabukwesi

"The number of students is ever increasing while the funding is static.In order for us to have standards that we all desire and wish to have in our nation, we need food funding," said Nabukwesi.

It is really good move by Moi university to solve the financial crises.Kindly share your views.

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