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14-year Old Girl Sexually Assaulted By Old Mzungu Man, Takes Her To Tanzania, Pays Her This Amount.

It is sad to review the story of Lisa,a girl who is fourteen years old,it is indeed a sad encounter as reported by The Nation,Sat 21,2023.

Lisa's life was well, until recently when she completed class 8 then she realised that her mum and dad had seven children,six of whom were legitimate but she (Lisa) was not dad's biological daughter.

It came a time when the mother and dad had a serious disagreement and argument. The step dad refused to pay Lisa's secondary school fees.

The mother left and came back after sometime,dad told mum to pack her belongings and never come back.

Lisa moved to a friend's house but noticed something unique. The 'foster mother' would always send her two daughters to get money by sleeping with white tourists who handsomely paid them.

After some days,the mother told Lisa to join her 'elder foster sisters' ages 26 years old and 14 years old, in the business of selling their bodies.

Lisa was quite uncomfortable but the sisters assured her to relax,that it would be fine. Lisa narrates that one of the 'elder foster sisters' got a deal with old tourists who wanted to tour Tanzania but in company of young and beautiful girls. Immediately,she linked Lisa and her sister.

Lisa was given a 60-year old German man who actually paid Kshs. 200000 to start a cosmetic shop,but the elder sister ended up using the money.

For now,Lisa works with a campaign programme that teaches girls the importance of education and to avoid misusing their bodies,but rather work smart to be independent.

She also says that she is saving some money so that she goes back to school. It is indeed a traumatizing experience.

Source: The Nation.

Content created and supplied by: Buchunju_Writes (via Opera News )


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