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Volleyball Fraternity Left in Mourning After Losing a Player Through a Bodaboda Accident

Grief as engulfed the Volleyball federation of Nanyuki, Laikipia county after one of its players died in a grisy road accident.

According to Nanyuki Town Mwisho wa Reli Facebook group admin Fidel Jesus, the player identified as Ngunjiri died on the spot after being involved in a head on collision accident with a lorry along the busy Nanyuki-Meru highway at the gate of Laikipia East Police Headquarters.

Mr Ngunjiri was a loved volleyball player affiliated to Nanyuki Volleyball Club that met every evening at KANU grounds. He was also a bodaboda rider in Nanyuki town.

According to witnesses, the driver of the lorry that was ferrying construction was speeding in a place where there is a junction. Mr. Ngunjiri on his usual rounds carrying passengers had just dropped a passenger when the lorry rammed over him, hitting from behind, crushing him and his bike.

The lorry driver is currently being held at Laikipia East police HQ waiting further investigation and will be charged for speeding.

Recently, Nanyuki town has experienced motorcycle accidents that has claimed life's of many youths in the region.Last year around the KANU Grounds bodaboda shade, a probox that was driven by a drunk driver rammed over the shade killing two bodaboda riders.

According to police reports by then, the driver was running away from police who were trailing him.Earlier at Majengo area he had knocked down a mother and a child killing them on spot.

Residents from Nanyuki town are calling upon drivers to be careful and to avoid over speeding considering the town traffic is growing day in day out.

To Mr. Ngunjiri family, we send our deepest condolence and May He Rest in Peace.

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