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Why Miraa Should be Illegalized in Kenya

Miraa, a major cash crop in Kenya has had adverse effects on people since it happens to be a drug. Miraa does not only deteriorate health, it makes one oblivious of their hygiene and mental status. You will often find some dirty people seated at a place chewing miraa with their lips and tounges turning green.

Furthermore, most people have indulged in the use of miraa without a proper cause. This is a risk to the future since most of the people affected are youths. Miraa ought to be used for medicinal purposes or for the right purposes by long-distance drivers. However, it is adversely being abused by students who even forgo their studies at the expense of looking for miraa.

Just like other drugs, miraa gives one an impaired judgment. Many people do not realise that they are doing societal evils since they excessively use miraa. Their main reason is that it is a legal drug. It would therefore be better if the drug is illegalized.

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