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Skipping Meals Could Give You Diabetes

In the current world, with many engagements and activities to attend to, we skip our meals to do important things. Something we did not know is that if this behavior becomes regular it has greater consequences than we had imagined.

First, let’s talk about nature. When we wake up in the morning, the sun rises to realize the heat that increases the digestion and metabolic rates of our bodies. As the sunset in the evening, the metabolic rates gradually reduce slowing down digestion.

Therefore, we should take heavy meals during the day because the metabolism is high. If there is a gap in eating for more than 6 hours, then our bodies detect that food is scarce. due to this, there occur some changes and effects to our bodies.


Psychological changes also take place in your body apart from metabolic changes. Your brain becomes weak and unable to deal with situations appropriately. When you are irritated you start feeling deprived of life. Negative thoughts come your way and you become depressed.


Diabetes is a common problem when you continuously skip meals. By evening you are very hungry if you skip meals and probably won't end up eating healthy foods like salads and vegetables. You find yourself eating processed food with high sugar or low fiber contents. Due to this long gap, your blood sugar will go down and you will find yourself craving sweets and sugar. Having this sugar and sweets will make you feel good generally but then the balance of insulin hormone will be disrupted hence diabetes will follow after several years.


If you are too busy in the day and you do not eat, in the evening you realize you are so hungry and eat in a hurry without chewing food properly. Food enters in the body large quantities hence it is not properly broken down by enzymes. This undigested food rots and ends up resulting in chronic constipation.


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