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Why Are Most people Buried 6 Feet Deep Down The Ground

It’s always true that been born is by luckiness but death is inevitable for every. But my concern is always way are people buried 6 feet deep the ground?

Many theories and explanations exist about why people are buried deep but one idea surely wins the” most believable but not true”

It started with the plaque: the origins of “six feet under “come from outbreak England. As the diseases swept people, the mayor in England literally laid down the law about how to deal with the bodies to avoid further infection.

It became culture that people adopted this and started burying deceased ones 6 feet down the ground

But it really hurts and get afraid when we here death where with time one gets confidence over death stories with time. Without no assumption no has power death nor escape death as long as you were born. Death is curial has one can die anytime so everyone should be ready any time.

Have you ever wondered what happens after death?

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