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Kibicho Sends A Strong Message To ODM Leaders Over Handshake And BBI

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Dr Karanja Kibicho has sent a strong message to ODM leaders who said he should not being involved in the BBI campaign.

Kibicho who has been leading the BBI campaign in the central region maintained on Wednesday that he was carrying out his duties delegated to him by the President of the republic of Kenya.

Odm leaders lead by James Orengo revealed that ODM was ready to quit the handshake and BBi after terming that Kibicho was meddling in the process which he didn't initiate.

Kibicho said "The constitution is for everyone, not just the politicians and i will continue carrying out civic educations on BBI. Some people see us talking about it and they tell us to keep quiet because of the document is political and that is not the case."

James Orengo's statement had caused a lot of tension in the country with many handshake supporters thinking it was over between the two leaders.

Orengo made it clear that they don't trust Kibicho and claimed that he was upto to something which is not good for the BBI document.

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