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Wambugu's Stand On Mt Kenya Region Votes 2022 Elections

Mt Kenya Region seems to be the place of stronghold in the votes coming the year 2022 general elections. Ruto and Raila are taking on the measures to equip themselves with the supporters in that region. Who among this can be the luckiest man in that area year 2022?

According to the Statements given by the Nyeri town member of Parliament Wambugu, Mt Kenya is a region driven by the interests and demands of the people. Wambugu insists that the region will always remain united and thus any member or candidate who needs their support must understand their people' s wants.

In the interview held up in KTN, Wambugu seems to give a stand on uhuru' s position in that place. " Whether you like it or not, uhuru is still the Mt Kenya kingpin. It is unwise for Ruto' s Allies to keep undermining the president yet they come to seek votes in Mt Kenya Region. " . This keenly gives the position of Ruto in that area coming 2022.

Mt Kenya Region are therefore expected to choose their leaders depending on the degree at which he will fulfill their needs and interests. Thefore it is important to understand their history get to know what the people want of which Ruto has not used the right procedure. " Ruto has not used the right approach in requesting for the votes in Mt Kenya" , said Wambugu.

On the other hand, Wambugu seems to praise Raila' s efforts on trying to talk to people regarding the matter of the general elections year 2022. Wambugu during his interview said that, " Raila on the other hand has gon to look for the stakeholders of the region to talk to them. " This makes it clear that Raila is on the right truck of acquiring the votes coming the year 2022.

Hence from the above we get to realize that Mt Kenya is not a place to count on unless you have gone to the ground to understand the needs of the people of which Raila is following the right Procedure as compared to Ruto. " We don' t get instructed us we make decisions an Ruto seems to go for a partnership of followers which is not going to work" , Added Wambugu.

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