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Here Is How To Cook Without Using Tomatoes.

Stew is quite possibly the most well-known dish on the planet; there are numerous varieties, but the most famous is tomato stew.

No home is complete without stew. Stews are frequently served with rice, yam, or plantain. Stew is relatively simple to prepare, and when prepared properly, it is extremely delectable.

Stews can be made with a variety of ingredients, including meat or chicken, tomatoes, vegetable oil, onion, and spices.

The cooking scene is advancing normally, and new strategies for planning various meals, stew included, have been added.

What do you do if you're out of tomatoes or simply don't want to use them?

How about we look into how to make a delectable stew without the use of tomatoes?

You would require the following:

Meat or chicken (whichever you prefer; for this review, we'll use chicken to demonstrate).

Onions, pepper, red ringerPepper, green ringer

Aromas (Maggi, curry, thyme, ginger powder, garlic powder)


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You initiate the process of flavoring and steaming your meat. Put your thoroughly flushed chicken in a pot with some cleaved onions, Maggi, salt, thyme, and curry powder, as well as some green chile pepper or any other pepper of your choice. Steam for 20 minutes in a steamer.

Add some vegetable oil to a browning pan, heat it, and fry your steamed chicken in it.

(This is optional.)

In a bowl, wash your red ringer and green peppers (it should not be green pepper; you can use any pepper of your choice, but the red chile pepper is the one you should use).After rinsing, combine all ingredients.

In a saucepan, heat some vegetable oil. Add the hacked onions, curry, and thyme. Pour in your mixed red ringer and green chile peppers. Stir a little to combine.

Add a pinch of ginger and garlic powder, a pinch of salt, and Maggi, and cook until done. It is always a good idea to save the water used to prepare your meat so that you can add it to your stew while cooking it, rather than using plain water. What a disappointment! Dr Nnorom, Chief Medical Officer of FMC Umuahia, has died.

Add your chicken and allow the stew to cook for an appropriate amount of time before chopping it.

What is the purpose of the red ringer pepper? Red ringer pepper is the best substitute for tomatoes because it has a similar red tone and pleasant flavor.

No, red chime pepper is not particularly spicy; it can even be eaten raw. The red chime pepper is an exceptional source of nutrition.

Several of the benefits of red pepper include the following:

1. It aids in vision.

2. It protects against frailty.

3. Consuming red ringer pepper helps the body avoid aggravation.

4. It aids in weight loss.

5. It aids in the organization of the muscles and veins.

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