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Ohh My Goodness, Read About This Epic Food Fight Festival

If you happen to be in Italy next month, this is something you must see! This Saturday, Valentine' s Day, the little hamlet of Ivrea goes totally insane. This celebration, however, has nothing to do with love or chocolate: it honors a century- old legend about battling oppression by pelting each other with oranges!

Italy' s Battle Of The Oranges This unusual and bizarre celebration of Italian culture entails pegging each other with food, much like the Spanish. The roots of this festival aren' t entirely established.

According to legend, it honors the city' s defiance against the city' s tyrant, who is either a Ranieri family member or a conflation of the 12th- century Ranieri di Biandrate and the 13th- century Marquis William VII of Montferrat.

On the day of her wedding, this tyrant sought to sleep with a young commoner (sometimes described as a miller' s daughter), ostensibly exercising the right du seigneur.

The tyrant' s scheme backfired when the young woman decapitated him, prompting the public to assault the palace and burn it down.

Every year, a young girl is chosen to play Violetta, the rebellious young lady. Every year, the inhabitants commemorate their freedom with the Battle of the Oranges, in which teams of aranceri (orange handlers) on foot toss oranges (representing old weapons and stones) against aranceri on carts (representing the tyrant' s ranks).

The Carnival of Ivrea was altered during the French rule of Italy in the nineteenth century to include representatives of the French troops.

The tyrant' s amputated testicles are symbolized by oranges in another rendition of the story.

Ivrea Carnival' s oldest customs involve a massive bonfire and are related to ancient festivals marking the end of winter and the arrival of spring.

It' s a food war in which teams throw oranges at each other. Teams are made up of " Aranceri" teams (orange throwers). Some others stand on carts high in the air, while others throw oranges at passers- by.

A judge selects the victorious team, which is then honored by the municipality. Because the oranges represent a safety hazard, helmets are necessary. After the major battle, the entire town became orange, much as in Spain.

So, whether you' re in need of some additional vitamins or feel the want to let out your inner rage, make your way to Ivrea!

This year' s festival will take place from February 13th to 16th. Check out La Tomatina in Spain if you' re looking for more weird events where vegetables and fruit are used as weaponry.

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