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Raila Odinga Finally Breaks Lose, States Who He Will Hand Over Power To After His Presidency

Although Raila Odinga stated just recently that he will be making his declaration on whether he will be going for Presidency or not, all signs indicate that the ODM party leader will be in the presidential race and today, he hinted exactly that when he was making his address to the people.

According to reports, Raila Odinga broke lose as he claimed that he does not intent to hand over the baton at the moment because he is leading a 3rd liberation war. He went on to state that although he won't be handing over power at the moment, he will do so after his presidency and he will make sure that he hands over to a youth although he didn't mention his preferred youth for the power baton.

Here is a video of Raila Odinga promising to hand over the baton to the youth after his third liberation war.

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