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Top 3 Ways To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Whether we are talking in a team meeting or presenting in front of an audience, we all have to speak in public from time to time. We can do this the wrong way or we can do this the right way, and the outcome strongly affects the way that people think about us and picture your personality. This is why public speaking causes a lot of anxieties and concerns.

Even if you don't need to make regular presentations in front of a group, there are plenty of situations where good public speaking skills can help you advance and boost your career and create opportunities for you.

Good public speaking skills are important in other areas of your life. You might be asked to make a speech at a friend's wedding, give a eulogy for a loved one or inspire a group of volunteers at a charity event or even impromptu speech. Remember practice makes perfect.

In summary, being a good public speaker can enhance your reputation, boost your self confidence, and open up countless opportunities for you like contracts and business partnership.

Best ways to improve your public speaking skills


There's a good reason that we say, "Practice makes perfect." You simply cannot be a confident, brilliant and bold speaker without practice.

To get practice, seek opportunities to speak in front of others without fear, determination matters a lot. The more you get this opportunities the more efficient a speaker you become.


If you're unaware of it, your body language will give your audience constant, clues about your inner state. If you're nervous, or if you don't believe in what you're saying, the audience can easily detect.

Pay attention to your body language: stand up straight, take deep breaths, look people in the eye, and smile. Don't lean on one leg or use gestures that feel unnatural. You have to be confident in yourself and you see yourself deliver speech brilliantly.

3.Think positive.

Positive thinking can make a big difference to the success of your communication, because it helps you feel more confident.

Fear makes it all too easy to slip into a cycle of negative self talk, especially right before you speak, while self questioning thoughts such as "I will never be good at this!" or I can't do this " I'm going to fall flat on my face!" lower your confidence and increase the chances that you won't achieve what you're truly want. Positive mindset give way for positive results.

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