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Teachers Caught In An Indecent Act With Candidates In The Swimming Pool

Teachers have a duty to impart knowledge and skills in learners. They are also expected to inculcate good values in their clients by acting as their mentors and role models. The Teachers Service Commission has set a code of conduct to regulate the teachers behaviour within and outside school. Any teacher that does not abide by the rules set by the employer can be punished and even summarily dismissed from the profession. Such misconduct include desertion of duty,insubordination of authority and canal knowledge. Teachers are not allowed to have intimate relationships with learners inside or outside school. It is embarrassing that some teachers have been found in compromising positions with their learners.

In a similar incident, a primary school teacher has been arrested by police officers on account of indecently assaulting his pupil at a swimming pool during a school tour. His colleague with whom they had accompanied the 32 KCPE candidates has fled is being sought by the law enforcement agencies. The rogue teachers were identified as Joseph Nduva Wambua and his staffmate Mike Kioko work at Step Up Zion Academy Nthongoni in Makueni. The suspects were spotted by a concerned female customer doing the indecent act. The lady reported that the suspects joined the candidates in the swimming the pool not minding observing personal space between them and the learners. She said she saw the two teachers fondling two 13-yr-old girls. The lady alerted detectives who rushed to the scene and nabbed Nduva as his friend escaped.

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