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Why Employees Leave High Paying Jobs

High earning employees are leaving their jobs for companies with lesser pay or start-up companies. Most employees in today's world have shifted from the mindset of just being employed and are now seeking career growth leading them to leave high paying jobs. Most of the times, employees are looking for jobs that are in line with their career interests as opposed to working for the salary at the end of the month. It is now common to find job seekers align job duties and opportunities with their related fields to propel them in their career choice.

Online discussion on career growth capture that most job seekers look out for companies where their productive performances will not only be recognized but also compensated with growth such as promotions. While in the past interviewers crammed the company's vision statement for purpose of answering the question, nowadays candidates align the company's vision with their future objectives.

While seeking career growth, employees move away from toxic work environments where their performances are not recognized or where they are being discriminated. Social media has made it easier to expose discriminative work environments.

It's advisable for job seekers to take up roles that they are passionate with and challenge themselves while at the same time time invest in themselves. While the money factor may matter it is also important to go where your interests are valued.

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